What the Critics are Saying
"The paintings of Jill Zylke (pronounced zill-key) are sunlit landscapes and portraits whose primary characteristics are soft harmonious color, lively brushwork and compositions which use carefully handled geometric perspective. The works have a refined, almost orientally subtle beauty. The note of ambiguity is an important element in the painting.

These paintings portray the peace and tranquility nature is capable of providing with perhaps a general hint of pantheistic forces which direct nature on an organized course. An analysis of the work of Ms. Zylke finds a thread of continuity in her landscape and figurative work; her faith in the life affirming aspects of nature. Beyond that, there is a hint of belief in compassionate forces, whatever they may be, beyond nature. Her art reaffirms the place for beauty as a sustaining and comforting force in our lives. It is full of imagination, lively brushwork, subtlety in the handling of composition, poetic light, and elegant refined color."

– Robert Kameczura, Art Writer and Critic, Big Shoulders Magazine, Chicago Artists’ News

Artist's Statement
"I work in oils and watercolors, exploring the subjects that intrigue me the most; nature, time, and the creative process. My landscapes consist of scenes from my national and international travels. Some were painted on location and some were derived from photographs I took specifically to be used for paintings. They tend toward an impressionistic style. Through them I chronicle the intensity of that moment during which they are captured: the passage of light and atmosphere; the place where I stood painting and quiet while surrounded by the movement of people, breezes through the trees and clouds passing the sun; the rise and fall of the day's heat; the feelings evoked during a rarified time, in a place where I am confronted by vistas or people that are far different from my everyday experience. My portraits of dancers and musicians reflect my ongoing interest in flamenco and are a result of my contemplation of the differences between the ephemerality of music and the concreteness of art. A dancer's ability to take something that is as invisible as a sound and translate it into movement is an ongoing source of interest for me."
Fine Art
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